Our 7 step recruitment process allows us to source the right candidates for any business. It ensures that you are compliant with all the latest legislation and that the candidate has all the necessary skills in order for your business to benefit straight away – guaranteed.

Our selection process is outlined below:



Candidates are sourced from our comprehensive – yet always expanding – media advertising. We know where to advertise and present opportunities to our target candidates. We have invested in social media and television advertising and various on-line job boards. More recently we shall be launching our own job app for smart phones via Google Play and the Apple App Store.

We pride ourselves on supplying the right candidates with the skills and qualifications for the job at hand by using our own bespoke talent ID. We also run broad advertising campaigns across various media outlets such as Notts TV to attract the best possible candidates. To keep up to date, please visit our Twitter feed @OnCallJobs.


After an initial two stage screening process of CV-sifting and telephone interview, candidates who then meet our exact requirements are invited to attend an interview at our premises. Those attending the interview are monitored from the moment they arrive based on time of arrival, organisational skills and attitude towards the given tasks. Known to us as Door Stepping, this is a key stage in any recruitment decisions we make as first impressions are always important.


Our prospective candidates are required to complete our application form at the time of interview to ensure completion. We’ll then review this information and use it during the interview process as an initial tool to establish:


All of our candidates are asked to produce proof of eligibility to work in the UK in accordance with current legislation. A copy of all the provided supporting documentation is then recorded as a true copy and maintained by us on the candidate’s file to ensure all due diligence and legal requirements have been completed for any prospective employee.


Our candidates are interviewed face to face by one of our experienced consultants. In addition, we conduct further reviews and checking of the completed application forms, with the interview being the final stage of identifying the candidate’s suitability for any role advertised.

The in-depth interview is used to evaluate the candidate’s skills, wants, needs and required income. It also includes an examination of their work history, covering any gaps in employment and an assessment of their availability for work. This provides us an assurance of the candidate’s motivation and commitment to their placement. We pay particular attention to the reasons for leaving previous jobs and the individual’s expectations of both the position offered, and their mid to long-term career aspirations.


We test for various skill sets which can include, but are not exhaustive to:


All candidates are referenced prior to commencing a temporary assignment with On-call and a minimum of two years’ referencing is required ahead of any assignment. We record referee contact details and all start and finish dates of previous employment whilst validating reasons for leaving. Educational references are also used. Where suitable work references are not available, a character referee who has known the candidate for a minimum of two years – usually a family doctor or a solicitor – would be contacted.