Our Ethos

Our business is focused on delivering the best possible recruitment solutions without compromise, whilst offering a bespoke approach to every client’s needs.  


We guarantee that all temporary workers supplied shall satisfactorily perform the services requested, and that upon reasonable notice, we shall cancel all charges for unsatisfactory service delivery, THEREFORE PROVIDING A RISK FREE SOLUTION.

It is our policy to give our clients a guarantee of NO COMPROMISE RECRUITMENT and a commitment to the PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE. Only then can we ensure that the ideals and beliefs that led us to establish our company are maintained.

Our premises are open at anytime for you to ensure the personal records of our temporary workers are accurate and all legal requirements are fulfilled (in accordance with Data Protection – registered with the Information Commisioner’s Office)

Stronger Together 

A business led, multi-stakeholder collaborative initiative, Stronger Together’s purpose is to support organisations to tackle modern slavery within their businesses and supply chains.

Stronger Together produces clear guidance and pragmatic resources to support employers and labour providers in at risk sectors, helping deter, detect and deal appropriately with forced labour, labour trafficking and other hidden labour exploitation.

We are proud to collaborate with Stronger Together in developing new strategies to support business in addressing modern slavery risks based on the corporate responsibility to respect human rights within the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights. You will also find a full copy of our policy in downloadable format here.

ALP Membership

The ALP  is a trade partner who help to further legitimise the labour providers business of which On-call recruitment are one.

Formed in 2004, the ALP has established itself as an effective trade association for labour providers, having a significant impact on government policy whilst providing information and support in relation to legal and ethical compliant standards for its members to follow.

“The ALP does not support labour providers that flout the law, treat their workers badly or underpay them, because those are businesses that undercut the reputable ones. Unrealistically low charge rates can be achieved only through worker exploitation, tax evasion or both.”

The ALP operates in a political environment, and makes representations on a variety of issues including the future of the GLA, the Agency Workers Regulations, the operation of the National Minimum Wage and the case for abolishing the Agricultural Minimum Wage and the Worker Registration.